is the talent curator for an exciting new site,

The site is dedicated to showcasing and promoting exceptional handcrafted jewelry designers.

Our Mission

We seek to shine the light on excellence in creativity .

We are building an online design and artisan community, gallery and marketplace, presented in a virtual showcase of inspiration and elegance, focused on aesthetics, quality, heightened customer experience and maximum marketplace impact .

We strive to create new meaning by combining content (your jewelry) and context (your jewelry represented in a meaningful collective aesthetic setting). By curating and creating a story for the customer, we provide a focused way for them to understand and appreciate the design content and make informed purchasing decisions, leading to an overall elevated shopping experience.

It takes more than just a beautiful product to be seen in the proper light. provides a unique opportunity to have your brand presented on a carefully curated, hand selected and vetted site, dedicated solely to the very best in artisan handcrafted jewelry, and professional, quality business practices. creates the opportunity to feature and promote your talent, increase your brand awareness, connects you with more customers who may not have seen your work, in a sea of oversaturated sites.  If you are an established brand, is a great opportunity to highlight your work in a community surrounded by and promoted with a similar aesthetic.

“With vast options in an overcrowded marketplace, we believe in creating opportunities for the many talented artists whose creativity is often lost or not fully realized in the sales and service realm. We are not just elevating brands, we are uplifting artists and seek for them to thrive in a competitive, fast changing marketplace” - Faith Marcus, Founder,

Q: What does it cost to join and what are the selling fees?

A: We charge a one time sign on fee, which includes uploading your content and creating a dynamic bio page, as well as guidance thoughout the process.

Please see Payment and Transaction section below for information on selling fees.


Each artisan will have the opportunity to be in the “front showcase” on the home page as a featured artist, on a rotating basis.

Each artisan will have their own dedicated page of product offering, as well as a full biography and video.

Our front page will also promote other artists on a rotating basis. You will always have an opportunity to be either front and center, or above the footer on the front page rotation.

Our hand selected process assures each artist that they are surrounded by a community that presents their brand in the very best light. Similar to the merchandising of a high quality retail boutique, we strive to bring a defined product mix and selection, that collectively through careful curation, appeals to a defined, and ever growing customer mix.

In addition to curating a visually beautiful site, promotes professionalism, harmonious atmosphere and community.

Unlike specialty boutiques that take your work on consignment and don't work to sell your items, our team at is dedicated to promoting professional jewelry artists. Our winning management team has a proven background in brand ambassadorship, with decades of experience in sales, marketing and talent development, and is committed to your individual, as well as our collective success. Learn more about our founder here.

We provide wholesale opportunities at a rate of 16% for opening and ongoing orders.

General Criteria for Consideration to Join

Minimum price point from $75 to $3,800 maximum retail price in a sector that fits our aesthetic.

Your jewelry must be handcrafted or designed by you. (Note: We do not represent pre-manufactured or third party (reseller) jewelry of any kind)

Defined Branding

Excellent Photography (white background)

Excellent Packaging

Excellent Customer Service Practices

Attention to Detail/Organization & Follow Through

Excellent Communication Skills

Marketing Materials

Artist Statement and/or Video

Artist Bio

Social Media Presence

Q:What if I dont meet all the criteria, should I still apply?

A: Yes. Ultimately, we seek to find artists who meet most or all the criteria. However, through our vetting process, we will be able to determine if your brand will be a good fit. If your items are not available online, please submit the application and we will contact you to have your images emailed to us.

Payment and Transactions will process the customer order and once your order has been confirmed and shipped to the customer, we will transfer the amount of the sale to you, less 33%, on the 21st of every calendar month. will absorb all credit card processing fees. We will either transfer funds to your bank account, or payment will submitted via postal mail for the amount of your sales(s), less our fee for representing your brand and managing the platform.

Example : Your item sells for $300, you will receive payment of $201

For continuity as well as visual cohesiveness, we will be responsible for uploading your images and product descriptions. This affords you time to focus on your business, without the headache of maintenance of another platform. Once you send us your images and detailed descriptions and information we take care of and manage the rest.

For those whose goal is to enter into the wholesale side of business we will facilitate those opportunities, similar to a representative, with a commission for the coordination and execution of wholesale orders.

Our site will offer complimentary shipping within the U.S.A. All shipping costs will be the sole responsibility of the artist.

You are responsible for timely expedited processing of orders and shipping with an insured/ trackable shipping method.

Q: I only offer free shipping with orders over a set amount. Can I apply?

A: All artists are responsible for shipping costs, using a trackable and insured shipping method. You will have to absorb that cost, or, add cost to your item. However, any item that is available on our platform must be the same as what you will charge on your own site.

Q: Why do I have to wait 21 days to receive payment?

A: We allow a reasonable time frame for the purchase to be shipped, received, and, in the event that a return is made, to process refunds. is responsible for all payment and refund transactions.

General Business Philosophy

Our philosophy regarding customer service is based upon our vast experience in retail store operations and at the corporate executive level. It starts before the sale, answering questions in a professional and timely fashion, with excellent communication skills, beautiful packaging and careful shipping, and proper resolution in the event of a dissatisfied customer. We require that our artisans share in this philosophy, it is the cornerstone of building your brand. It is not enough to offer just an amazing product, but an amazing ,360 degree experience for the customer. Our vetting process will determine if your brand is the right fit.

Our philosophy in purchasing a piece of jewelry should be an uplifting, positive experience. As well as a personal connection between the consumer and the artist. We find positive experiences are key in one of the best forms and most traditional sense of marketing, which is word of mouth, whether face to face or online. Positive experiences carry a lot of clout. Negative experiences which are not properly resolved from the onset, can carry 10 times the amount of impact. We will not accept any artist whose brand identity or business social media postings reflect political messaging. We will accept brands who align themselves with charities or charitable work.

Q: My items are final sale and I do not accept any returns. Should I consider joining?

A: No. Some sites state "final sale" in their terms. Unfortunately, this doesn't match our philosophy. While we understand that returns are sometimes the most unpleasant aspect of business, a dissatisfied customer paying by credit card will most likely pursue refund through their credit card company. Therefore, we believe quick resolution is the best resolution , ultimately saving time , aggravation and negative public relations. will state that returns should be made within a specific time frame, however, 100% customer compliance cannot be guaranteed. We do not accept returns on any type of customization. We will also discourage refunds based on worn or damaged jewelry, however , 100% customer compliance is not guaranteed.

Other Important Information

Our vetting process takes several weeks to complete. Once you are approved, you will have a deadline to provide your images, product information, artist information and signed policy agreement.

We will represent a minimum of 15 items and a maximum of 25 items per artist.

We will provide you with a basic policy agreement, outlining our guidelines for the platform.  

We may ask you for a sample of your work that we can see in person to assess the quality and workmanship, if we cannot make that determination online, prior to final approval, which will be returned to you in an expedited fashion.

Your pricing must be consistent. If you sell an item on your own site for $300  it must be listed at the same price on

We will develop and market on social media, and will use these platforms to build our community and promote your work. We ask for reciprocal  promotion for the site, since each artist will be featured . Our future plans include a YouTube channel to showcase our artists videos.

We are focused on partnerships, and full circle exchange with our customers, our artists and our platform, which strives to facilitate an improved and unique shopping opportunity. We aim to set ourselves apart from overly saturated sites, which tend to be primarily interested in collecting listing and selling fees, providing the individual artist with little support in facilitating their brand and fostering success. We strive for a fair and reciprocal process.

The management team of prides itself in outstanding professionalism, integrity and adheres to strict ethical and integral business practices. Therefore, as a member of our community, we expect the same.

If you want to learn more about our service to help develop your brand , please visit our consultation page.

Still have questions? Please contact us !

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