Consultation Services for Jewlery Designers

If you have concerns whether or not you meet our current criteria, we offer private consulting to help you. Whether or not you are selected for the showcase, our cultivating services can assist you. Sometimes it takes another objective pair of eyes to elevate you and your brand to the next level. We have observed that while highly artistic and talented, many artists get lost in their creativity and don’t possess the business, presentation or customer service skills necessary to elevate them to becoming a thriving business. We understand. Consultations will focus on setting your brand in the best direction possible, with the goal of maximizing you and your brand potential.

Our expert team of professionals has decades of experience in retail management, at both executive and store level, with luxury goods, fashion and jewelry. We can also help you with packaging design, brand identity, visual merchandising, customer service, photography and video lighting, editing, set styling and production.

We provide a comprehensive and thorough overview and analysis of your brand, identification of areas to improve, followed up with a personal one- on -one session to discuss our detailed findings and to answer your questions.

While we can determine obvious search engines flaws on your front end, we do not offer search engine optimization services.

We focus only on branding, presentation, best service and business practices .

If you are interested in an initial consultation, please contact us with your information, providing your name, site address and any specific questions you may have. We will contact you to set an appointment for your personal overview, analysis and in depth consultation.

Our founder, Faith Marcus has over two decades experience in retail management, at store and executive level, buying and visual merchandising, training and customer service, and talent recruitment. She worked for luxury goods brands,Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and Loewe in New York, Miami, Palm Beach and Beverly Hills. She owned her own interior decor and jewelry design businesses. Her inspirational gemstone jewelry line was previously showcased at The Bellagio, Las Vegas.

With her vast experience, Faith's analysis of your brand will save you the time and frustration of trying to figure it out by yourself. Faith and her team are dedicated to you and your brands success.

"With vast options in an overcrowded marketplace, we believe in creating opportunities for the many talented artists whose creativity is often lost or not fully realized in the sales and service realm. We are not just elevating brands, we are uplifting artists and seek for them to thrive in a competitive, fast changing marketplace” - Faith Marcus, founder


"From the beginning, working with Faith has not only been a pleasure but

has been akin to taking a masters class in marketing and branding. Faith

has an uncanny ability to get to the core of the matter with a deep

reserve of patience mixed with a sense humor, professionalism and a true

desire to do what is best for all.

I am not good at editing my own work, and often get overwhelmed by all the

details needed to present a piece in its best light. Faith jumped right

in and helped me take apart the multiple collections of my line to come up

with a cohesive offering of jewelry that is perfect for TheJewelryShowcase.

We spent many thousands of minutes on the phone and via email perfecting

every detail of each offering and through this process, I learned more

about my jewelry and how to “brand” and present it than I have ever

learned from the high-priced marketing people I have hired in the past. I

would not have gotten through this process without her and her team.

Faith came up with wonderful ideas for photography, descriptions and

groupings that made this process so easy and actually, dare I say it- fun!

AND it was thrilling to work with a person understands communication and

returned emails within hours if not minutes."

- Andrea Gutierrez, Andrea Gutierrez Jewelry


"The decision to join TheJewelryShowcase was one of the best business decisions I have made for my jewelry line.

Diversifying your online presence is important, but as a small one-woman operation I need to invest my time, money and efforts where I get the most return. This is not just another platform for listing my pieces.

TheJewelryShowcase has become a true partner and mentor in strengthening my brand message, pricing strategy, and overall appeal to both direct clients and galleries. You are not just another cog in the wheel. They are committed to elevating the artists and their jewelry lines without changing their vision or qualitythere is no race-to-the-bottom like so many other platforms."

- Heidi Kingman, Heidi Kingman Designs

"As a small business owner, maker and designer, working with Faith  has been such an enriching experience for my brand.

Right away, I felt supported and that I wasn’t doing this on my own anymore. I have worked with other luxury brand consultants in the past and felt like I wasn’t learning what I needed to in order to elevate my brand. From the moment I started working Faith, I began to get a much clearer picture of what I needed to do to get my business and brand to the next level.  

Launching your work to a new platform can be a daunting and down right scary prospect. Through emails and phone conversations, I was able to openly share my worries and doubts with Faith. Not only did she encourage and lift me up, she worked patiently with me until we got every single detail just right.

Faith willingly shared and kindly bestowed upon me her extensive experience and vast industry knowledge, which has proven to be priceless."

- Jessica Noelle, J.Noelle Jewelry


“Working with Faith to prepare for the launch of TheJewelryShowcase has been an absolute pleasure. She is supportive, professional and knowledgeable. I am excited to be featured among the talented group of artists Faith has curated.”

- Deborah Halperin, May Came Home

"When Faith approached me about being an artist on The Jewelry ShowCase, I was intrigued by her concept. A quick perusal of her Instagram page showed me all I needed to know––the lady has an incredible artistic and editorial eye; she is a true curator and appreciator of artisan jewelry! As a one-man operation, I was struggling with social media and Faith’s knack of presenting each artist’s unique voice in the most appealing way is really helping to elevate my work. I felt like I benefitted from all of Faith’s wisdom and collective experience in working with the other jewelers. She made the process of photographing and listing my work as painless and as easy as possible. Faith has created a supportive and creative venture in The Jewelry Showcase and I feel incredibly honored to be included as one of the artists. I look forward to the adventure! "

-Lisa Markowitz, I Spy Artisan Jewelry

“There are many things to consider when running a small business. When I joined The Jewelry Showcase and began working with Faith, I quickly realized how lucky I was to partner with someone who is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all facets of the business.

Several months ago I made a decision to invest my money and time in elevating my brand. There were many times I had questions about product, content, photography and interview strategies and Faith offered her time willingly for guidance, support, and inspiration.

She genuinely cares about every artist on the platform and has demonstrated her willingness and desire to help them succeed. Thank you for this incredible opportunity.”

- Lori Friedman, LoriAnn Jewelry